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lumia 950

Windows Phone's no-show at Build drives home Microsoft's mobile neglect

Is Windows Phone a dead platform walking? Microsoft didn't even mention its mobile OS during the Build 2016 keynote, and sadly, it shouldn't come as a surprise.

Lumia 800 in pants pocket

Microsoft worries Lumia fans by slowly phasing out the brand's social presence

Microsoft's shutdown of the Lumia Voices Twitter account is worrying, given all the other turmoil that the Lumia smartphone line has endured.


No Windows 10 Mobile upgrade for Windows phones with 512MB RAM, HTC One M8

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile upgrade plans continue to crumble as 512 MB RAM devices get the cold shoulder.

windows 10 mobile upgrade success

Windows 10 Mobile begins long-awaited rollout to older Windows Phone 8.1 phones

Microsoft has rolled out the Windows Mobile 10 upgrade to older Windows phones, although some beloved favorites may not be eligible for the new OS.


Here gives up on Windows; will yank map, transit and nav apps in two weeks

Here, the Euro-centric map-making company founded by Nokia, yesterday said it is withdrawing from the Windows 10 ecosystem in two weeks.

hp elite x3 feb 2016 in hand

HP’s Elite x3 is a flagship sailing into a dangerous Windows phone wasteland

HP thinks its Elite x3 Windows phone can escape doom by focusing on corporate customers. It's a reasonable plan facing incredible odds.


U.S. Windows 10 Mobile phones: Vaio says no, Alcatel OneTouch says yes

The list of Windows 10 Mobile phones isn't long, but Alcatel’s Fierce XL helps fill out the low end.

fake surface phone 1

Windows Phone's next life: How Microsoft could recast it for productivity or services

Are Windows phones dead? Not hardly. But they're certainly changing, and Microsoft could have a few backup plans in the works.

Microsoft Windows 10

A Microsoft Surface Phone sure to come, but unlikely at MWC

Microsoft plans to show its latest smartphones at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in late February, but don't expect much news about the much-rumored, business-oriented Surface Phone.

windows 10 aio

Windows 10 Redstone Insider seeds are on the way

Patience, grasshopper: According to Microsoft's Gabe Aul, a new build will come to Windows Insiders in "a few more days." Meanwhile, a new Windows 10 Mobile Insider build is now available.

Acer Liquid Jade Primo display dock

Hands-on with the Acer Liquid Jade Primo Windows Phone

Acer gives us some hands-on time with its new flagship Windows Phone, and we like what we see.

acer liquid jade primo horizontal

Acer's Liquid Jade Primo just became the new flagship Windows Phone

Acer says that it will begin shipping its Liquid Jade Primo phone next month, with what appears to be some premium specs. But when will it ship to the United States?

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