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128gb flashdrive

26% off Patriot 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive With 150MB/Sec Speed - Deal Alert

This flash drive support USB 3.0, transfers data at speeds up to 150MB/Sec, and is housed in a rugged shock and water resistent housing so your data stays safe on the go.


AMD gets back into SSDs with value Radeon R3 drives

AMD is jumping back into the SSD market with Radeon drives for laptops and desktops.

p3320 aic isometric

Intel's new super-fast SSDs feature 3D NAND

Intel promised super fast and high-capacity SSDs with 3D NAND chips last year, and the company announces the first of those drives Thursday.

SSD with Microns 3D NAND flash chips

Intel SSDs may get speed, capacity boost with new Micron chips

Intel's solid-state drives could be poised for a big jump in capacity and speed with new 3D flash chips coming from Micron.

Ins and outs of upgrading your iMac

What happens if you upgrade an older iMac with an SSD and more RAM? You might be surprised at the performance results. Macworld Lab has a report.

Hands on with Lion Recovery Disk Assistant

Apple has released a simple utility for creating a bootable Lion Recovery volume from any external USB drive. While Apple's instructions for using Lion Recovery Disk Assistant seem simple enough, there's a lot more you should know.

Use Lion's FileVault 2 to encrypt your Mac's internal drive

Protect your dataBy creating a user account and password, you automatically enable an initial layer of security on your Mac. If you want to be extra cautious, consider using encryption: When you encrypt your drive, you essentially...

How to create an OS X flash drive installer

Faster with flash storageIf you’ve ever had to reinstall OS X, chances are you’ve used the Apple-provided system installer disc that came with the Mac. But what do you do if you misplace the DVD, or it becomes unreadable, or...

How to partition a startup drive

Partition a startup driveWhen you buy a new Mac laptop, iMac, or Mac mini, the internal startup hard drive is set up with one partition—that is, one large section of storage space. You can use Disk Utility to partition the startup...

How to format a hard drive

Disk Utility: Your formatting friendWhen you format a hard drive, you’re setting up the drive so it can read and write data on your computer. It’s not a task you’d do on a frequent basis. When you buy a new hard drive, it’s usually...

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