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FlexClip lets you make your own video marketing content for use on social sites

One of the better ways to influence an audience is with video content. After all, today’s most popular social sites rely heavily on that type of media, so it makes sense to include it in your marketing plan. Good video content,...

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Get 2TB of highly rated and secure cloud storage for just $30

Still keeping your files on a hard drive? Then you’re just begging for trouble. That’s because hard drives fail all the time. And when they do, everything stored within them is often corrupted and rendered useless. Want to avoid...

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Get two lifetime subs to top-rated Ivacy VPN right now for just $50

If you aren’t using a VPN right now, then you’re just asking for trouble. Need an easy and inexpensive way to tighten up your security? Then check out this offer to get not just one, but two lifetime subscription packages to Ivacy...

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Get help with social media management at an affordable price

Managing social media accounts, whether you’re a small business owner or an influencer, can be extremely time consuming. Luckily, an AI-powered platform called HelloWoofy Social Media Management can take over a lot of the work....

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Father’s Day Sale: Get a secure, unlimited cloud backup plan for just $36 with code

It’s safe to assume that no one likes it when their hard drive crashes. Unfortunately, though, it happens all the time. And when it does, usually that means your files are gone too, which is a shame. Want to keep them safe over...

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This $250 voice and photo translator is just $144 with code for Father’s Day

Wish you could easily understand what non-English speakers are saying? Or look at an object in a photo and know how to describe it in another language? Now you can with the M9 multi-language voice and photo translator. And right...

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Enjoy extra Memorial Day savings on a lifetime of Starchive cloud storage

Digital creatives — such as musicians, graphic designers, and photographers — deal with huge files. But you can’t just use any old cloud storage solution for these types of media, which is why so many creatives already trust...

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Score a lifetime Basic membership to PoweredTemplate for just $50

A good PowerPoint presentation is sometimes all you need to win over an audience. But the written part, as important as it is, is only half of the equation. What really sells a message is the presentation’s aesthetic through...

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Get a lifetime subscription to SYQEL right now for only $50

Most music performances — like the ones at concerts, night clubs, and festivals — feature a visual component. It may be as simple as stage lights flashing in time to a beat, but there’ll be some kind of eye catching aspect that’s...

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Make beautiful slideshow presentations in a single click with Slidebean

Slideshow presentations are practically a necessity these days for everything from school to business. But creating a great presentation isn’t exactly easy. Nor is it fast, which is why so many people have turned to Slidebean for...

Get at least three amazing flight deals every week with Matt’s Flights

If you’re a frequent traveler, then you already know how expensive flights can be. But here’s the thing — those prices fluctuate from time to time, sometimes allowing people to travel for way less. Want to take advantage of those...

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This cloud backup gives you lifetime access to 1TB of ultra secure space for just $50

Cloud backups are pretty much a necessity these days. But there’s lots of them out there to choose from. Some offer really great services but cost a small fortune every month to use, while other options that tend to be more...

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Get a lifetime subscription to RelayThat for just $47.99 this Mother’s Day with code

Most businesses engage in social media marketing these days. But ensuring your messaging is on brand across all your channels is really time consuming, so we’re offering extra savings of 20 percent off lifetime subscriptions to...

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Lost your phone? Keep your files safe with a subscription to G Cloud, discounted for Mother’s Day

Most people get a new phone every couple of years. Sometimes it’s because you want to upgrade. Other times, however, it’s because your phone has either become lost or stolen. And, in those last two very common cases, that means...

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Run an online business? Simplify all your tasks with a lifetime of Zuitte, now just $199

Run an online business? Simplify all your tasks with a lifetime of Zuitte, now just $199

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Learn how to speak Spanish with Jumpspeak, discounted by 66%

Most language learning apps can teach you how to read Spanish. But if you want to learn how to actually speak the language —  just like someone who has been using it for their entire lives — then not just any app will do. Instead,...

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Get an annual plan to Video Jaguar right now and save 50%

Marketing a small business via social media channels like TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook is a smart idea. But videos aren’t exactly the easiest things to produce, especially if you want them to look like they were made by a pro....

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Save 64 percent on a purchase of two lifetime subscriptions to Babbel

There are just so many benefits to learning a new language. It’ll make you a better traveler, improve your employment prospects, and it’ll even give your self esteem a considerable boost. That’s why we recommend trying Babbel. And...

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