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Why we can’t trust smartphones anymore

A new class of security problem is caused by smartphone makers that create vulnerabilities deliberately without telling customers.

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Time for a makeover: ‘Notifications 2.0’

We’re in danger of being notified to distraction, especially now that the internet of things is getting in on the act. Here are some ways things could be dialed back.

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Black Friday 2017: The best early deals

Yes, that's right: Worthwhile tech deals have already begun rolling out. We'll keep updating this article with new ones as they emerge.

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Review: The iPhone X is the best phone for business, period.

Apple's new iPhone X sets the scene for the next decade of iPhone development with a host of futuristic technologies. While expensive, it is the best smartphone available today.


iPhone X review: The thrill is back

Apple delivers more than just a great phone: it’s the rush of holding the future in the palm of your hand.

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With new apps and services, IT connects deskless workers to biz

Messaging apps and mobile services from companies like Zinc and Crew are springing up to help connect workers not bound to a desk with colleagues in the office.

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Mingis on Tech: The iPhone X – best phone for business, or best phone ever?

Apple's new iPhone X already has a lot going for it: Face ID security, an OLED display and, of course, iOS 11 – making it a top-notch (if pricey) phone for enterprise users.

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iPhone X: Unboxing Apple’s new flagship iPhone

The new iPhone X is here. Here’s a very early look at the new phone.

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Critics are wrong to slam iPhone X’s new face tech

They should acknowledge that Apple is doing face scanning right with Face ID.

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How Apple’s unconventional iPhone X marketing strategy will make you want one at any cost

The latest iPhone has arrived and it's a radical departure from everything that came before—and that includes how Apple is selling it.

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What is Face ID? Apple’s new facial recognition tech explained

One of the hallmark features of Apple’s cutting-edge iPhone X smartphone – Face ID – replaces Touch ID for unlocking the device and for mobile payment authentication. Here's what it does.

iPhone X

More iPhone X first impressions: Not quite a perfect 10 but still pretty great

Here’s what the luckiest people in the world are saying about Apple’s new iPhone


Apple just bought its own wireless charging company. Here's why.

Apple has purchased PowerbyProxi, a small, wireless charging technology company in New Zealand. But it's not likely using PowerbyProxi for what you think.

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Moto X4 Android One review: A good reminder of what a great deal looks like

Android One is the new Nexus program, and the Moto X4 Android One is the phone to get if you're a diehard Android user on a budget and want to subscribe to Google's Project Fi.

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Mingis on Tech: Pondering the Pixel 2 (as an iPhone alternative)

Google's latest reference smartphone, the Pixel 2, is out. Our reviewer, Dan Rosenbaum, has the details on what it's like to use and whether it's enough to tempt an iPhone user to switch.

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Hands-on: The ZTE Axon M is the first smartphone with a foldable screen

This isn't a prototype—it's a fully operational mobile device with a fold-out screen, from a brand usually associated with budget devices.

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Review: Google’s Pixel 2 phone is the smart (and safe) choice for biz

The new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL offer a perfect showcase for Android Oreo and the Google Assistant — and for businesses, the peace of mind that comes with prompt OS updates.

HP Elite x3 ecosystem hero

HP Elite x3 review: Yep, this was the last great Windows phone

HP's Elite x3 combines amazing hardware, tremendous battery life, a stellar Continuum experience, and support for older Win32 apps. Whether that's enough to buoy Microsoft's vision remains to be seen.

Microsoft Windows Phone Creators Update recurring reminder

Yes, Windows Phone is dead. Here's why

Microsoft's corporate vice president for Windows confirmed the company has no plans to bring new hardware or software to Windows Phones.

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iPhone 8 vs Pixel 2: Battle of the smaller flagship phones

Apple and Google's small-screened phones still pack quite a punch. Here's how the two stack up head-to-head.

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