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Get great PC upgrades for cheap in Newegg's second Early Black Friday blowout

Newegg's Early Black Friday sale round 2 is on with deals on an Intel Core i5-8600K, Acer monitors, G.Skill RAM, and more.

Intel Core i9 9900K review

Core i9-9900K live review + benchmarks

Gordon and Adam sit down to talk about the Intel Core i9-9900K review - and of course Gordon brought some benchmarking charts that show performance versus the 8700K and Ryzen 2700X! This is live so we'll be taking all your burning...

Intel 1 Watt Panels

Intel explains what 1-watt displays will mean for your new notebook PC

Josh Newman of Intel explains Low Power Display Technology, and how much more battery life 1-watt panels will give new PCs.

Intel Dual-Screen Computing

Intel shows off the dual-screen future of PCs

Intel gives PCWorld an exclusive look inside its design lab, where a new two-screen concept PC, called Tiger Rapids, will be used to "inspire" similar two-screen devices at Computex.

Intel Kaby Lake R Laptops

CES 2018: Intel showcases Kaby Lake R laptops

At CES 2018, Intel showed some of the first laptops with Intel's Kaby Lake R CPU. This quad-core part, which shipped last fall, has created a new generation of slim, light laptops that deliver significantly better performance compared...

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Intel Kaby Lake G: Why Radeon matters

No one expected Intel and AMD to partner on anything! But putting Radeon into Kaby Lake G finally gives Intel a mobile solution worth talking about.

Intel NUC Kit 2018

Intel's Kaby Lake G NUC has serious gaming chops

Hades Canyon NUC features Intel's new Core i7 with Radeon Vega M graphics.

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