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Asus Zenbook Duo Pro
hp officejet pro

Dell Inspiron

Dell Inspiron 7000 Black Edition laptops get classy new perks

The Dell Inspiron 13 and 15 7000 Black Edition laptops improve upon the regular versions with better thermals and a truly innovative hinge that doubles as pen storage.

Dell XPS 13

Hands on: Dell's XPS 13 finally puts the camera in the right place

Dell's XPS 13 was already a great laptop. With model 9380 launched at CES, it somehow gets even better, especially in the camera department.

HP Spectre Folio

HP Spectre Folio: What it's like to use a leather laptop

The HP Spectre Folio is clad completely in leather, and between that and the low-power chip, it's incredibly comfortable to use.

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