Black Friday smart home deals 2021: Big savings on Nest, Ring, Philips Hue and more

Ready to build—or add to—your epic smart home? This is how Black Friday is shaping up, from smart speakers to smart lighting and everything in between.

ring alarm 2nd gen 8 piece kit

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Whether you’re looking for a smart speaker, smart lighting, an entry lock, a security camera, or a thermostat, Black Friday 2021 should reward you with plenty of discounted hardware. 

The best deals tend to sell out quickly, however, so if you like one of the deals below, don’t hesitate to snap it up before it disappears. 

Black Friday smart home deals

ring alarm 2nd gen 8 piece kit Ring

Ring Alarm (2nd Gen, 8-piece kit)

From: Amazon 
Was: $250
Now: $150 ($100 off)

Ring makes our favorite DIY home security system. It can not only keep watch over your house with door, window, and motion sensors, it can be expanded with a broad array of smart home devices, including indoor and outdoor cameras, smoke detectors, smart lighting, smart locks, and more. This 8-piece kit includes the hub, keypad, a motion sensor, four door/window sensors, and a Z-Wave range extender. You’ll find similar deals on the 10-piece kit ($105 off) and the 14-piece kit ($130 off). Another way to save is to buy one of the kits bundled with a camera or a video doorbell. You can get the 8-piece kit with a Ring Video Doorbell (2020 model) for $230, $110 off the usual price.

See the Ring Alarm 8-piece kit at Amazon

simplisafe essentials SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe Home Security System: The Essentials

From: SimpliSafe 
Was: $275
Now: $110 ($165 off, plus free  SimpliCam security  camera)

SimpliSafe offers one of the better DIY home security systems on the market, and you can add professional monitoring for a reasonable fee. This deal not only nets you a six-piece starter system, you’ll get SimpliSafe’s indoor security camera free—that’s a $99 value on its own. You can get the same 50-percent discount and free camera deal with SimpliSafe’s 9-piece Hearth and 13-piece Knox kits. Act fast, as this deal is over after Friday, November 26.

See SimpliSafe The Essentials at SimpliSafe

leveltouch facing Level Home

Level Lock: Touch Edition 

From: Amazon 
Was: $329
Now: $233 ($96 off)

This is one of the best smart deadbolts on the market. It doesn’t look like a smart lock, and that’s only part of its appeal. The genius of its design is that everything is hidden inside the mechanism and the bolt itself. There’s no hulking telltale escutcheon on the interior side of your door to give it away. This is a fantastic deal. 

See the Level Lock Touch on Amazon

soundform elite hi fi smart speaker wireless charger 2 Belkin

Belkin SoundForm Elite Smart Speaker 

From: Amazon 
Was: $200
Now: $100 ($100 off)
[Currently unavailable]

Belkin collaborated with the high-end French audio manufacturer Devialet to build this smart speaker, which has Alexa onboard in addition to a built-in Qi charger.

See the Belkin SoundForm Elite Smart Speaker on Amazon

wemo outdoor a Belkin

Wemo WiFi Smart Outdoor Plug 

From: Amazon 
Was: $40
Now: $25 ($15 off)

This outdoor smart plug is just the ticket for plugging in your outdoor holiday lights and other decorations. Program it to turn on and off, so your holiday season isn’t spoiled by a sky-high electric bill.

See the Wemo WiFi Outdoor Smart Plug on Amazon

wemo wifi smart plug Belkin

Wemo WiFi Smart Plug

From: Amazon 
Was: $18
Now: $14 ($3 off)

Belkin’s Wemo brand is one of the oldest in the smart home industry, and this smart plug connects directly to your Wi-Fi network so you don’t need a hub to control the lamp or small appliance you plug into it. 

See the Wemo WiFi Smart Plug on Amazon

nest thermostat primary Google

Nest Thermostat 

From: Amazon 
Was: $130
Now: $90 ($40 off)

One of the world’s budget-priced best smart thermostats is bargain-priced for Black Friday. You should also check with your local utility to see if they’re offering a rebate, you could end up spending even less! 

See the Nest Thermostat on Amazon

brilliant smart controller Brilliant

Brilliant Smart Home Control 

From: Amazon 
Was: $470
Now: $399 ($71 off)

It’s one of our favorite smart in-wall lighting control systems, and you can pick up a free white dimmer switch—a $70 value—with the purchase of any Brilliant all-in-one controller for a limited time. We reviewed the 4-switch controller.

See the Brilliant Smart Home Control on Amazon

Philips Hue smart lighting bundles 

Philips Hue is our favorite brand of smart lighting, and this is the perfect time to expand your collection. Note that the required Hue Bridge is included only in the first two of the following deals:

philips hue gamer bundle Signify

Philips Hue “The Gamer” 

From: Philips Hue
Was: $315
Now: $252 ($63 off)

Package consists of the Hue Play light bar double pack in black, Lightstrip Plus V4 80 inch, Lightstrip Plus V4 extension 40 inch, and the Hue Bridge.

philips hue movie buff bundle Signify

Philips Hue “The Movie Buff” 

From: Philips Hue
Was: $540
Now: $432 ($108 off)

This deal includes the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box, Play 65-inch Gradient Lightstrip for TV, and the Hue Bridge.

philips hue fan fave bundle Signify

Philips Hue “The Fan Fave”

From: Philips Hue
Was: $135
Now: $100 ($35 off)

Bundle consists of three Hue White & Color Ambiance A19 smart bulbs. 

philips hue outdoor entertainer Signify

Philips Hue “The Outdoor Entertainer”

From: Philips Hue
Was: $310
Now: $248 ($62 off) 

You get two Lily XL outdoor spotlight extensions (power supply not included), and the Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor.

See the Philips Hue deals at Philips Hue

nest doorbell battery snow buttonpress 16x9 Google Nest

Nest Doorbell (battery)

From: Google
Was: $180
Now: $130 ($50 off)

We thought the latest Nest doorbell was a great value at its regular price, but you can save $50 if you buy one now. This great home-security device is extremely powerful and super-easy to install and configure. Best of all, it will capture your porch visitors with crystal-clear image quality, and its detection and alert capabilities are the best in the business.

See the Nest Doorbell (battery) at the Google Play store

google nest hub 2nd gen main Ben Patterson/IDG

Nest Hub (2nd gen)

From: Google
Was: $100
Now: $50 ($50 off)

If your smart home revolves around Nest, Chromecast, Google Photos, YouTube, and YouTube music, there is no better small smart display to control things. Its 7-inch screen has a smaller footprint than the competing—and smaller—Amazon Show 5, and there’s no camera, so you can feel comfortable installing it in your bedroom to take advantage of its unique sleep-tracking feature that will inform you as to how much rest you get each night. That last feature will be free through the end of 2022.

See the Nest Hub (2nd gen) at the Google Play Store

smartthermostatsensor front view us Ecobee

Ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control

From: Amazon
Was: $250
Now: $200 ($50 off)

Our longtime-favorite smart thermostat not only features an integrated smart speaker, it can be paired with sensors (one is included) that monitors motion and the temperature of the rooms they’re placed in to ensure your entire home is comfortable, not just the location where the thermostat is mounted. This thermostat can also act as the heart of a home security system when used with products like the Ecobee SmartCamera, which is also on sale for Black Friday (see below).

See the Ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control at Amazon

ecobee camera Michael Brown / IDG

Ecobee SmartCamera with voice control

From: Amazon
Was: $100
Now: $70 ($30 off)

Like its smart thermostat, Ecobee’s home security camera has Alexa onboard and it can act as the hub for a complete home security system when deployed with Ecobee’s room and door/window sensors. Bonus points for also supporting Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem, including HomeKit Secure Video.

See the Ecobee SmartCamera with voice control on Amazon

Adobe Essentials Abode

Abode Smart Security Black Friday bundle

From: Abode
Was: $600
Now: $299 ($301 off)

An early player in security-focused smart home systems, Abode’s offerings have been consistently impressive. These days, its compatibility covers all the bases—Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. This Black Friday bundle is an exceptional value that includes everything you need, plus a free Abode Cam 2 security camera an—while supplies last—an Amazon Echo Show 5 smart display.

See the Abode Smart Security Black Friday bundle at Abode

abode cam 2 primary Abode

Abode Cam 2

From: Abode
Was: $40
Now: $25 ($15 off)

Here’s a great opportunity to expand your Abode-based home security system (the camera can also work as a standalone device—indoors or out). The very small and quite excellent Abode Cam 2 was already inexpensive, but now you can pick one up for 34 percent less.

See the Abode Cam 2 at Abode

kasa smart kl130 TP-Link

Kasa Smart multi-color smart light bulb

From: Amazon
Was: $20
Now: $10 ($10 off)

Kasa Smart bulbs operate on your Wi-Fi network, so they don’t require a hub, and this 50-percent-off deal on the color version (model KL130) is not to be missed. In addition to picking colors, you can tune the white color temperature, from warm to cool. This is a great value.

See the Kasa Smart KL130 color bulb at Amazon

Sense Solar energy-monitoring kit Sense

Sense Flex or Sense Solar

From: Amazon
Was: $349
Now: $289 ($60 off)

Wondering why your monthly electric bill is so high? An energy-monitoring system like the products Sense manufacturers can pinpoint the biggest energy consumers in your home, so you can take action to moderate them. There are two Sense systems on sale for Black Friday: Sense Flex includes an extra set of sensors, for homes with 400-amp split-service panels. The Sense Solar, meanwhile, will report on the production of your solar panels (assuming they’re tied into your electrical panel and don’t connect directly to your utility’s meter).

See the Sense Flex and Sense Solar at Amazon

yale assure smart lock model yrd226 Yale

Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen Wi-Fi smart lock

From: Amazon
Was: $279
Now: $230 ($49 off)

Smart locks are an awesome way to enhance your home’s security. You can program it to automatically lock at a defined hour, and you never need to worry about locking yourself out of the house. This Yale smart lock operates over Wi-Fi, so you don’t need a smart home hub, and its touchscreen makes it very easy to use.

See the Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen smart lock at Amazon

amazon echo dot 3rd gen Amazon

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) 

From: Best Buy
Was: $40
Now: $20 ($20 off)

Whether you’re a smart speaker neophyte or a seasoned smart home aficionado, you’ll find that you can’t have too many of these gadgets around the house. This might not be Amazon’s latest entry-level speaker, but the Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is fabulous and Best Buy is offering it at a huge discount.

See the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) at Best Buy

myq camera primary LiftMaster

myQ Smart Garage Camera 

You don’t need any other myQ Smart Garage products to derive value from this security camera designed to help you keep tabs on your garage—and its contents—but if you do, the camera’s video feed will appear right above the controls for your garage-door controller. It’s a good value at $150, but this is your chance to snag one for $50 off MSRP. 

From: Best Buy
Was: $150
Now: $75 ($75 off) 

See the myQ Smart Garage Camera at Best Buy

emerson sensi touch Emerson

Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat 

From: Amazon
Was: $170
Now: $129 ($41 off)

A smart thermostat can save you a ton of money heating and cooling your home, and Emerson’s Sensi Touch smart thermostat is a good one. It features a 4.3-inch color touchscreen with a blue background when your HVAC system is in cooling mode and red when it’s heating. This deal runs now through November 30.

See the Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat at Amazon

arlo pro 4 kit Arlo

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera bundle


From: Best Buy
Was: $600
Now: $400 ($200 off)

We named the Arlo Pro 4 the best home security camera of 2021, and here’s your chance to score not just one of the indoor/outdoor cameras but a three-camera bundle that includes a dual battery charging station, three anti-theft mounts, and a yard sign that will warn cretins intent on mischief to steer clear of your property. These cameras alone typically sell for $200 each, so this Best Buy offering is a true bargain for the kit.

See the Aro Pro 4 Spotlight Camera at Best Buy

google nest mini main Ben Patterson/IDG

Nest Mini (2nd Generation)

Ben Patterson/IDG

From: Best Buy
Was: $50
Now: $25 ($25 off)

One thing about smart speakers is that you can’t have too many of them. Even if you don’t listen to music in every room in your home, you will want to be able to control your smart lighting, ask about day’s schedule, or find out what time happy hour starts at your local watering hole. The second-gen Nest Mini is a great choice for that role, and Best Buy is offering them for $25 off—that’s half price!

See the Google Nest Mini (2nd Generation) at Best Buy

lenovo smart clock 2 with lenovo smart bulb Lenovo

Lenovo Smart Clock 2, plus Color Smart Bulb

From: Walmart
Was: $73
Now: $40 ($33 off)

We’ve seen several deals on Lenovo’s second-generation Smart Clock, but Walmart is bundling Lenovo’s own color smart bulb with the Google Assistant-powered device for an extra special savings (the bulb by itself usually sells for $12.99). The Smart Lock 2’s bright display makes it easy to see from across the room—or with bleary eyes as you wake to its alarm—and its small size makes it a perfect bedside companion (there’s no onboard camera, either). It’s also a pretty great near-field speaker for listening to music.

See the Lenovo Smart Clock plus Smart Bulb at Walmart

ecobee smart sensors Ecobee

Ecobee SmartSensor (2-pack)

From: Amazon
Was: $80
Now: $60 ($30 off)

Ecobee is best known for its excellent smart thermostats, but the company has also been moving into the smart home security space, with its thermostat or camera operating as the hub. If you’ve gone down that path, here’s a great opportunity to expand your system with additional door/window sensors at a phenomenal savings.

See the Ecobee SmartSensor 2-pack at Amazon

tp link kp125 smart plug TP-Link

TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Mini Smart Plug

From: Target
Was: $18
Now: $14 ($4 off)

Getting into the smart home swing doesn’t get easier than plugging your lamp or small appliance into a smart plug. As you’d guess by its name, TP-Link’s Kasa Smart Wi-Fi (model KP125) connects directly to your Wi-Fi network, so you don’t need a hub or anything else to be able to turn what’s plugged into it on and off. This one is compatible with Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem, which means you can use Siri voice commands with an iPhone or a HomePod smart speaker. Note that you’ll need to have at least $35 of merchandise in your Target cart in order to get free shipping. (If you don’t need HomeKit compatibility, consider the Kasa Smart HS103, which Amazon is selling in a 4-pack for just $22.89.)

See the TP-Link Kasa Smart Mini Wi-Fi Plug (model KP125) at Target

When is Black Friday 2021?

Black Friday traditionally comes the day after Thanksgiving, marking the beginning of the holiday shopping season. This year, Black Friday falls on Friday, November 26. But retailers have been launching Black Friday deals even weeks earlier in recent years, trying to beat the competition to the punch.

Black Friday buying tips

Giving a friend or loved one the gift of a smart home device can be as easy as buying one for yourself. You just need to discretely ask a few questions to ensure your gift will fit in with what they have. Find out which platform(s) they’ve adopted: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit. What kind of smart lighting products do they use, Philips Hue? Wi-Fi? Outdoor smart lighting can make an impressive gift, too. If they have security cameras, buy the same brand, so they don’t need to use different apps for monitoring.

A surefire means of saving a lot of dough is to buy a previous-generation smart home device versus the very latest. Typically, you won’t be giving up a lot in the way of features, and factory support should last plenty long enough to justify the price.

The smart home industry has been hit hard by COVID-related supply chain constraints, and some products—such as smart home hubs—have been nearly impossible to find. Fortunately, that situation is finally starting to work itself out.  Still, if you find a good deal, you should strike while the iron is hot.

Who has Black Friday smart home deals?

We expect all the big players—Amazon, Google, Best Buy, Walmart et al—to have plenty of Black Friday deals, with Amazon having the most diverse offerings. The other big box stores will likely focus on more mainstream categories, while the Google Play Store mostly sells only Nest devices. Follow these links up to and on the big day to see what’s available:

  • Amazon (early smart home deals in every category)
  • Best Buy (deals on the most common smart home categories)
  • Costco (deals on select smart home products)
  • Google/Nest (deals on Nest smart speakers, thermostats, etc.)
  • Target (deals on the most common smart home brands)
  • Walmart (deals common smart home devices, but also sensors)

Updated periodically with new pricing details and additional products.

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