Clean up the air with this Prosenic smart purifier for $50 off

The Prosenic A9 has a good range of features for a smart air purifier and right now it's available at the right price.

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Cleaning up the air in this age of pollution, raging forest fires, and serious heat is becoming an important quality of life issue. Today, you can improve your air quality for less. Amazon is selling the Prosenic A9 Air Purifier with Wi-Fi for $169. To get the discount, click the $50 off coupon underneath the price on the product page. This is a solid price for this purifier, which has an MSRP of $219.

The Prosenic A9 can filter the air up to 2,904 square feet per hour, according to the company. Prosenic says the filter is capable of cleaning up 99.7 percent of dust, smoke, and pollen. The filter has a background noise of 25 decibels, which isn’t bad at all. For context, hearing experts describe 20db as equivalent to the sound of rustling leaves or a ticking watch.

As this is a smart air purifier it can do real-time monitoring of air quality and make adjustments as required. You can also control it from the ProsenicHome app. Inside the app you can set schedules, timers, fan speed (with four presets), baby lock, and other settings. There’s also an Alexa skill for controlling this air purifier via voice control.

Now here’s the thing. We reviewed the Prosenic A9 giving it 2.5 out of 5 stars. That’s an average result, but our biggest complaint was that our review unit was giving off a funny smell. We checked the reviews on Amazon and there were a few similar complaints, but the vast majority of reviews loved it and didn’t notice any smells. For that reason, we’re willing to chalk it up to our sample being an odd unit, and this purifier being worth the risk at the sale price. If you do end up having a problem you have 30 days to return the unit.

[Today’s deal: Prosenic A9 Air Purifier for $169 with coupon at Amazon.]

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