The Full Nerd special edition: Intel's Tom Petersen dives deep into Arc GPUs and XeSS

Intel Fellow Tom Petersen joins the Full Nerd crew to talk about the company's Arc GPU and XeSS.

The Full Nerd with Intel's Tom Petersen

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In this episode of The Full Nerd, Gordon Ung, Brad Chacos and Adam Patrick Murray are joined by Intel Fellow Tom Petersen to talk about the company's highly anticipated Arc graphics cards for PC gamers.

Although still months away, excitement is building for Intel's entry into the graphics game with its Arc GPUs. Petersen drops hints about why certain design decisions were made by the company in AI, and wades into whether Arc GPUs will support adaptive sync (and the state of adaptive sync monitors in general).

Petersen goes on to discuss the future of multi-GPU setups and designs, and even gets into Deep Fake technology on GPUs. If you're into the audio brevity thing, you can also listen to the podcast below or you can watch it on Youtube here

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