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This pro quality 4K dual camera drone is marked down to just half price

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Drone technology has come a long way. It’s advanced so much, in fact, that a wide range of industries currently use them to accomplish all kinds of tasks. Is it time to start employing drone technology at your workplace? Then check out this affordable option in the Ninja Dragon Alpha Z PRO, which is offered at half price right now.

The Alpha Z PRO is a professional quality drone that features two built-in cameras — a front mounted 4K and a bottom mounted 720p wide angle — so it’s exceptionally versatile. It’s easy to fly, features safety mechanisms, and you can see footage in real time with its companion app. And, since it’s got a healthy flying range of up to 300 feet, it can cover way more ground than some other drones, especially those in the same price range.

This drone is perfectly suited for collecting high quality footage for use in marketing materials and filmmaking. It’s also great for monitoring property for disturbances, keeping an eye on crops, or getting a bird’s eye look at something that’s high off the ground. No matter what you need a drone for, you certainly can’t go wrong by purchasing this one since it’s just $99.99.

Ninja Dragon Alpha Z PRO 4K Wide Angle Dual Camera Drone - $99.99

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