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This Kickstarter funded laser projection keyboard is 22% off this week

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Sometimes, only a keyboard will do. Like when you are away from the office and get an important email on your phone. You need to craft a detailed response right away but, of course, typing on your phone’s screen just isn’t going to cut it. And that’s precisely why the folks at Serafim invented the Keybo — and why it was successfully funded by 460 percent on Kickstarter.

The Serafim Keybo is a laser keyboard projector that’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You just pair it to your phone or tablet and, when you need to type something, it projects a lighted keyboard onto the flat surface in front of you. It then uses infrared tech to record your keystrokes and enters the appropriate character onto your phone. It’s lightweight and compact so it’s easy to carry around, it’s accurate, and you can even use it with music apps.

The Keybo is a game-changer for mobile phone users everywhere. And now is the perfect time to get it for yourself since we’re offering it to readers at 22 percent off the MSRP, just $84.99, for a limited time.

Serafim Keybo: World's Most Advanced Projection Keyboard - $84.99

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