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Easily add an extra monitor onto your laptop with this economical accessory

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If you’ve ever used a desktop computer with two monitors, then you know how difficult it is to go back to having only one screen. But that’s the challenge that laptop owners are faced with every day — And the struggle is real. That’s why the folks at Mobile Pixels dreamed up the DUEX Plus, a lightweight LCD screen that elegantly adds an extra monitor to any laptop.

The Kickstarter-funded DUEX Plus turns any single screen laptop, regardless of platform, into a dynamic dual-display system. And it does this without adding any significant weight or bulk, so your laptop will remain as portable as ever. You just connect it via USB, attach it to the back of your existing LCD, and start working. The idea is so ingenious, in fact, that the product has received high marks from online reviewers like and The Gadgeteer.

At its core, the DUEX Plus is a vibrant 13.3” LCD screen, so it’s ideal for people with full-size laptops. You can use it to increase productivity, the screen flips into different configurations so it’s versatile, and even gamers will appreciate it as far as performance goes. Yes, there are other screens like this on the market, but they don’t offer the same value that the DUEX Plus does. Especially since the DUEX Plus can be purchased today for a relatively low $339.

Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus: Portable Dual-Screen Laptop Monitor - $339

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