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Worried you’re being watched? Locate hidden cameras easily with this $60 device.

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Unfortunately, some people have reported finding hidden cameras in their Airbnb or hotel rooms. Though we hope these are rare occurrences, it’s impossible to know with any kind of accuracy just how prevalent this kind of activity really is. Want to ensure your privacy? Then the Anti-Spy Camera Finder, offered to readers at 39 percent off, is just the ticket. 

The Anti-Spy Camera Finder is a small, pocket-sized device that makes finding hidden cameras super easy. It features six infrared LED lights that, once activated, cause any offending camera lens to glow so you’ll immediately know that it’s there. It’s a must have item — especially for people who travel frequently for business or pleasure — and it has a built in alarm too, which makes it a safety conscious purchase for anyone travelling alone.

Hidden cameras in hotel rooms might seem like something that only happens in the movies. Unfortunately, we know otherwise, which is why we’re offering the Anti-Spy Camera Finder today for only $59.95.

Anti-Spy Camera Finder - $59.95

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