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Upgrade RAM in iMacs: Everything You Need to Know

upgrade imac ram
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Upgrade RAM in iMacs: Everything You Need to Know on OWC

As technology advances on a daily basis, adaptation is inevitable. Without a doubt, Apple products are on the rise, and have been so for some time now.

When keeping up with the world of technology, the optimal way is Apple’s 27-inch iMac featuring a 6-Core Processor with Turbo Boost. If you’ve previously purchased Apple computers, you’re well aware of the way in which their prices primarily depend on the model’s equipped memory or the Random-Access Memory (RAM).

Ultimately, the lowest memory option is the cheapest option. There’s a way to score the lowest price while experiencing the maximum memory or RAM capability; and here’s how.

Can I Save Money With an iMac RAM Upgrade?

It never hurts to stick to a budget, regardless of your situation. Why turn down the option to save some money if you can?

An often overlooked option, Apple offers the service to upgrade your currently installed RAM. As expected, it costs a significant amount to use this Apple service.

To save an ample amount of money, you may purchase the lowest memory option for the lowest price, and later, add RAM to iMac by Apple or a third-party provider.

Apple iMac 27-inch RAM Memory Options

At the moment, the iMac RAM upgrade directly from Apple will cost you as follows:

  • 16GB — $200
  • 32GB — $600
  • 64GB — $1,000
  • 128GB — $2,600

In perspective, the 64GB upgrade inches closer to the price of a whole new iMac, while the 128GB exceeds the starting price of an iMac.

How to Upgrade RAM in iMacs

With all the technical terminology, upgrading your RAM may seem like an intimidating task. However, with a series of 8 simple steps, you’ll easily be able to upgrade your iMac’s memory.

For an iMac RAM upgrade, you may contact and purchase directly from Apple or a third-party provider like OWC. Once, you have your new RAM, the process is as follows:

  1. Disconnect all cables and carefully place face down with a cloth underneath.
  2. Press the grey button above the power port to open the RAM compartment.
  3. Release the memory cage by pushing on the two levers to access the DIMM slots.
  4. Remove the DIMM module by sliding it up and replace with the new DIMM module.
  5. Press firmly until you hear a click to ensure proper placement.
  6. Push the memory cage back into place and close the compartment door.
  7. Place the iMac in its upright position and reconnect all its cables.
  8. Start up your computer with its iMac RAM upgrade.

As previously mentioned, the iMac RAM upgrade varies from 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB.

How Much Will I Save Using OWC RAM?

There’s no such thing as saving too much money, and OWC is a perfect example of that.

Let’s be honest, Apple may go a bit overboard with their cost and prices at times, and this is where trusted, reliable third-party providers come in.

OWC provides the identical service of Apple in the purpose of upgrading your iMac’s memory. OWC’s current prices are as follows:

  • 16GB — $72
  • 32GB — $135
  • 64GB — $269
  • 128GB — $599

In comparison to Apple’s services, OWC allows you to save up to $128, $465, $731, and $2001, respectively.

Upgraded RAM Performance at a Discount

Due to their prices, purchasing Apple products typically involves a careful decision making process. Although Apple is at the top of their game, it isn’t a question of whether to purchase or not, but rather which model and specification you should go with.

As previously discussed, like many computer brands, Apple products’ prices depend on the memory or RAM options. Rather, the deliberation should exist in which provider to utilize in upgrading your iMac’s RAM or memory. With Apple’s rising rates of RAM upgrade, the way to go is with a OWC promo code to save on a memory upgrade  — the smart and practical choice.

Ultimately, it’s the same function for a significantly lower price — it’s OWC RAM.

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