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Mosquitos don't stand a chance with this UV lamp repellent

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The weather is finally cooling down, as if we needed a little extra incentive to get outside during this global health crisis. But as with any year, there's always one pest waiting to swarm in with a buzzkill: Mosquitos.

if you're the type of person these flying stingers love to feast on, there's a solution that doesn't involve filmy sprays or the icky scent of citronella. The Wizap™ Monster 360° 3-in-1 Mosquito Trap is a high-tech trap that draws in and kills flying pests in an area of about 80 square meters.

The rounded profile makes it look calming to almost anyone, but the UV light is what really attracts the mosquitos. Once they get close, a high-powered fan sucks them into a central chamber where a 110-volt electrical grid puts them out of their misery - and yours.

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Wizap™ Monster 360° 3-in-1 Mosquito Trap - $89.99

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