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Update your home security with 68% off this smart door lock

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When it comes to home security, the lock on your front door is the first line of defense. If thieves see you're serious about the main entryway, they're liable to think twice about messing with your home at all.

The Aura Biometric Smartlock is a truly next-level improvement on a standard door lock, and it's as easy for you to use as it is difficult for intruders to crack. Key fumbling becomes a thing of the past with the ability to unlock your door by fingerprint ID or Bluetooth signal direct from your phone. You can also use access cards or set a unique passcode to be punched in. There's even an "anti-peep" mode where you can enter in a false code and still gain access as long as the real numbers are embedded in the series.

Got guests on the way? You can give them a temporary access code locked to a specific window of time, and track the attendance times of anyone who opens the door.

Macworld readers can get all this functionality with 68% off the Aura Biometric Smartlock today.

Aura Biometric Smartlock + WiFi Gateway - $159.99

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