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Breathe easy and get this UV air purifier for half price

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If your lungs could talk, they'd tell you there's a lot you don't know about the air you're breathing. Smoke, smog, pet dander, and other irritants can linger in the air for days and affect your health even if they are too diffuse to be seen.

One great way to confront this problem is with the Mister UV Air Purifier. Standard air purifiers simply pull the surrounding air through a filter, but this high-tech model runs impurities through several lines of defense. There's a HEPA filter and activated carbon that attracts microorganisms, but also a UV light that is capable of killing 99.97% of common pollutants. The silent-running, brushless motor draws air in from 360 degrees around the device, allowing you to create your own mini-climate of safe, clean-smelling oxygen.

This gadget also looks great in any setting. Macworld readers can see for themselves by taking 50% off the price of the Mister UV Air Purifier today.

Mister UV Air Purifier with 360 Air Intake - $116.99

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