This fantastic robovac can mop your floors too, and today it's $120 off

We loved the Roborock S5 vacuum/mop combo, and today it's on sale for $360 if you know the right coupon code.

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What's even better than having a robot vacuum for you? Having the same robot mop your floors, too. Amazon is selling the splendid Roborock S5 for $360 with the checkout code ROBOROCKS5. That’s $120 off the current price, and the all-time low price. The vacuum is available in black, “rose gold,” and white.

We reviewed the Roborock S5 in 2018, giving it four out of five stars. “The Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner’s has superb cleaning capabilities and map-enable features make it a great choice,” we said in our review.

The Roborock S5 includes some fantastic features, including laser navigation, vacuuming with up to 2,000Pa suction, and floor mopping. It also works with Alexa for voice control when you need a quick clean-up, and the mobile app has a “Find my robot vacuum” button should you lose track of the unit.

In our tests we thought the vacuuming capabilities were solid. We found it had no trouble transitioning between different floor types, for example. The mopping mode, however, wasn’t quite as good, but it should still be fine for a quick clean.

The vacuum has as 5,200mAh battery, which Roborock says supports up to 150 minutes of continual work. The company warns not to use the vacuum on dark or long-pile carpet.

[Today’s deal: Roborock S5 for $360 at Amazon with the checkout code ROBOROCKS5.]

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