Huge, curved 1440p gaming monitors are going cheap today

Dell and Newegg are both selling 30-inch plus curved gaming monitors for well under $400.

Dell and Westinghouse

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You spend all day staring at your computer monitor, so you might as well treat your eyes to a nice one. Both Dell and Newegg are offering juicy deals on big, curved 1440p gaming displays today.

First up, we have Dell’s curved 32-inch S3220DGF for $348. To get this deal, you need to sign-up for Dell’s mailing list and then use the 10 percent off coupon the company sends you.

This monitor features 2560-by-1440p resolution and a 4 millisecond response time. But the real draw (well, beyond its huge size and curved design) is this display’s speed. Dell’s monitor rocks a maximum refresh rate of 165Hz over DisplayPort and 144Hz over HDMI. Either you way you shake it, that’s excellent for gaming, especially once you add FreeSync’s buttery-smooth adaptive sync technology on top. 

Next, Newegg is selling the 34-inch Westinghouse WC34DX9019 for $360—$90 lower than the MSRP. This VA panel is also curved, but Westinghouse’s monitor goes ultra-wide with a 3440-by-1440 resolution and a 21:9 aspect ration (16:9 is the norm).

That wide, curved screen should prove incredibly immersive, but the 100Hz refresh rate and 5ms response time aren’t quite as fast as the Dell’s raw specs. It’s still plenty fast for gaming at such a high resolution, however, and once again we’ve got FreeSync to improve performance. AMD’s site doesn’t list this model so we can’t say if it supports the adaptive sync technology past 60Hz, but it’s an interesting monitor available at a good price, and it’s well reviewed by Newegg customers.

If you plan on gaming on these behemoths (as you should), you’ll need a pretty powerful GPU to push them to their full potential. Our guide to the best graphics cards can point you in the right direction if you’re looking to upgrade your PC hardware, too.

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