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7 must-see deals for the kitchen and home

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If you’ve been spending a bit more time at home than usual lately, you’re far from alone. But instead of wallowing about the fact that you can’t head to the beach, why not make the best of an admittedly odd situation by stocking up on these seven items for the house and kitchen? Ranging from cleaning robots to nonstick pans and tortilla presses, there’s something on this list for you, and each item is currently on sale for a limited time.

1. FrankOne™ Brewer + FrankCoffee

MSRP: $128 | Sale Price: $99.99 (21% off)

Wake up to the perfect cup of coffee every morning with this specialized brewer and coffee combo. You’ll be able to extract more flavor while reducing bitterness, and the entire apparatus is super easy to clean.

2. Elicto Everybot RS500 Robotic Spin Mop & Polisher

MSRP: $239 | Sale Price: $220 (7% off)

This futuristic cleaning mop and polisher eliminates dust and leaves your floors sparkling clean. It comes loaded with a 5,700 RPM motor, and smart sensor technology allows it to avoid obstacles.

3. HD Classic 8" Nonstick Fry Pan

MSRP: $64 | Sale Price: $55.99 (13% off)

With superior heat conduction, this nonstick skillet makes it easy to cook healthy and delicious meals with no oil. It comes with an 8-inch cooking surface for the usual meal size, and you can use it on pretty much any type of stovetop without worry. 

4. "How Far is a Light Year" (Framed Print, White Frame)

MSRP: $69 | Sale Price: $55.95 (18% off)

Spruce up your living area with this framed print. Painted by Alexander Grahovsky, this stylish art comes enclosed in a 20” x 24” white frame that matches any decor.

5. XL Aluminum Tortilla Press

MSRP: $60 | Sale Price: $54 (10% off)

This press makes it easier than ever to make incredible tacos and burritos right at home. With an FDA-friendly design, you’ll be able to quickly press your own shells for parties in a matter of minutes.

6. Zen Series 8" Japanese Style Chef's Knife

MSRP: $89 | Sale Price: $62.99 (29% off)

Take your chef game to the next level with this Japanese-style blade. With 67 layers of steel, this knife brings razor-like sharpness to the kitchen in order to make cooking a breeze.

7. Rose Box™ Mirrored Table Centerpiece & 12 Everlasting Roses

MSRP: $299 | Sale Price: $219.99 (26% off)

Show you care this Mother’s Day by sending roses that will last for an entire year. Perfect for flower lovers who hate flower maintenance, these everlasting roses are sourced from Ecuador and come in a gorgeous 12” x 4” mirror box.

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