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This best-selling wireless car charger is just $60 today

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The wireless charging revolution is finally here, and that means it’s time to say goodbye to the hateful tangled wires that plague our homes and our offices. But what about our cars?

This SoloQi® X Car/Desk Magnetic Wireless Charger makes it easy to de-clutter your trusty ride by mounting a powerful Qi charging pad directly on your car’s air vent, and it’s available for just $59.99.

Unlike most wireless car chargers that either take up too much space or require an exorbitant amount of power, this SoloQi® pad sits discretely on your dashboard and takes only seconds to install.

Made out of precisely-cut aluminum with a diamond chamfer, this charging pad provides fast cooling technology that will keep your devices from overheating on the road, and a specialized Mag Pad maximizes charging capacity across the board.

Ditch the obnoxious wires and grab a SoloQi® X Car/Desk Magnetic Wireless Charger for your car for just $59.99.

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