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The Best Food Delivery App for July 2020

Food delivery is becoming the norm, especially since staying home is more prevalent these days. Food delivery applications/apps have been around for quite some time now, but what is it about the Freshly app that makes it the app to beat?

Everything comes with ease

In a nutshell, you just pick out your plan, meal preferences, delivery date, and then wait for your meals to be delivered. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

As with all applications, simplicity is key. Customers don’t have the time (or patience) to get into the nitty-gritty of complicated apps. With Freshly, you are always only a few clicks away from getting your meal delivered right to your doorstep. Freshly works on a weekly basis, and you can choose between receiving four, six, nine, or twelve meals a week.

Next thing to do is pick your delivery date. Freshly allows you to choose any day of the week to receive meals, instead of sending a week’s worth of meals on Mondays (which, admittedly, might be the busiest day of the week). The app will then display the menu for that given week and you simply select the meals you want. On any given week, you have up to 30 options to choose from.

Choose from a variety of options made just for you

People often think that going on a diet or at least choosing the healthier meal option means less variety. The great thing about Freshly is that although the ingredients may seem similar, they always find new ways to spice up the meals. Eating healthily doesn’t mean sticking to boring, plain ol’ meals.

Now, even with all this variety, remember that Freshly meals are individually packaged just for you.

Freshly is transparent about health

Oftentimes, when ordering from restaurants, you might not have an idea of the caloric or nutrient content of your food. You might think you’re ordering a healthy dinner, but you have no idea of the “hidden ingredients” used to make your meal. The good news for you is that Freshly always follows the brand’s specific health guidelines and they make sure to let you know that.

Freshly is great for busy bees

It’s a good option for those who work from home, but truth be told, Freshly meals are great for anyone who is just too busy to come up with something new to cook every day. You can easily pop your Freshly meals in the microwave for about three minutes, and voila - a healthy meal anywhere, anytime.

Freshly stays true to its motto

That is, to serve healthy but delicious food!

Many people seem to think that nutritious food isn’t tasty. Freshly begs to differ and they are of the belief that taste should never be compromised for nutrition (and convenience at that matter)! Even if they’re delivered in a box, remember that these are still meals. Freshly works with the most talented chefs to come up with more ways to deliver healthy, yet still delicious meals. It’s not all grilled chicken and broccoli – Freshly dabbles in all kinds of cuisines.

Freshly discounts

Need we say more? PCWorld offers discounts in the form of coupons and promo codes that you can use if you’re ordering Freshly for the first time. You can use one of these promo codes to get $60 off ($15 of your first 4 weeks) your order or save $25 off your first two orders, if you want to start with fewer meals. On top of these great savings, you can also earn $40 for your Freshly meals when referring a friend.

The bottomline

If you’re the type of person who wants quick, healthy, and convenient meals with very little effort, Freshly is the best option for you.

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