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6 Microsoft Surface products you can get for up to 44% off

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As far as computers go, Microsoft’s line of Surface products is definitely among the best. Considering an upgrade? You should give the models below a look, especially as some are on sale for up to 44% off their usual price. Read on for more details:

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 13.5" Touch Core i7 8GB RAM

This laptop is a workhorse. Designed for professionals, the Surface Laptop 2 offers a 15-hour battery that ensures that it’ll make it through the work day. Plus it has a super fast processor, a generous supply of storage, and a gorgeous display. When you consider the fact that you’ll save over $900, this purchase really becomes a no-brainer.

Sale Price: $1149.99
MSRP: $2069.00
Discount: 44%

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Tablet 1.9GHz Intel Core i7 (256GB SSD)

Looking for a device that’ll let you get some serious work done without taking up a lot of space? Then this one should be at the top of your list. It’s fast, has a generous battery, and offers enough onboard storage to keep all your files. And it’s footprint is so teeny tiny that, when the workday is done, you can fold it neatly away so as to avoid clutter.

Sale Price: $1089.99
MSRP: $1499.99
Discount: 27%

Microsoft Surface Pro 12.3" Tablet 4GB RAM - Silver (Wi-Fi + 4G LTE)

As far as tablets go, this one is no slouch with a robust core i5 processor, 128GB of storage, and 13.5 hours of battery life. It’s the perfect computing solution for anyone on the go and, when you consider you can save $200 on your purchase, now is the perfect time to get it.

Sale Price: $1099.95
MSRP: $1299.99
Discount: 15%

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Tablet 1.9GHz Intel Core i7 with 1TB SSD

Behold. This Surface Pro 6 offers the convenience of a tablet combined with the power of a desktop. And there’s practically nothing that it can’t do. It offers a powerful Core i7 processor, a best in class 1TB of SSD storage, and a breathtaking display. No matter what kind of work you’re doing, this device can handle it without issue.

Price: $1429.99

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Tablet 1.9GHz Intel Core i7 (512GB SSD)

This well regarded and brand new tablet is similar to the previous model, but comes with 512GB of SSD storage. That makes it an ideal option for anyone that wants a powerful device but needs to stick to a budget. When you consider that you’ll save $220 off your purchase, there’s never been a better time to pick one up.

Sale Price: $1279.99
MSRP: $1499.99
Discount: 14%

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 13.5" Touch Core i5 8GB (Cobalt Blue)

Looking for a budget laptop with impressive specs? Then consider this 2018 model. Don’t let its age fool you: It has a powerful Core i5 processor, an impressive 15-hour battery, and enough storage to let you get some serious work done. Plus you’ll save $319 by purchasing through this offer, so it offers a lot of bang for your limited bucks.

Sale Price: $979.99
MSRP: $1299.00
Discount: 24%

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