Beef up your home setup with all-time-low prices on killer Razer keyboards

Two versions of Razer's excellent Huntsman keyboard are on sale for $100 at Amazon.

Razer Huntsman TE
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A high-quality keyboard is a must in the age of social distancing, which is why prices have been so high. But today you can get a great one for an all-time-low price: Amazon is selling the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition keyboard is for $100, $30 off its MSRP and the lowest we've seen since in many months.

This keyboard features linear optical switches instead of the usual mechanical switches. While that's a surprise for a high-end keyboard, we still found them to be pretty good if a little too sensitive. The Huntsman TE also features Razer's Chroma Razer RGB lighting, and doubleshot PBT keycaps. PBT is a type of thicker, more durable plastic than most other keyboards, and is less likely to wear down on commonly used keys.

Amazon is also selling the Gears of War 5 edition of the Huntsman for $100. This version has the number pad the Huntsman TE doesn't have, as well as a different optical switch (purple this time) that we quite enjoyed. However, the prominent Gears of War branding isn't for everyone.

In our review, we called the Huntsman Tournament Edition "one of the few keyboards that checks all the boxes though: tenkeyless, backlit, PBT keycaps, and optical switches." We took issue with the price and the keycaps, but concluded that "if you’re looking for a simple keyboard with some enthusiast-grade influences, the Huntsman TE is a pretty interesting proposition." And at this price, it's a lot easier to take the leap.

[Today's deal: Razer Hunstman TE or Razer Huntsman Gears 5 version for $100 at Amazon]

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