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Best memory upgrade for the most recent MacBooks 2020

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The best-selling memory upgrade for the latest MacBook models

What is RAM?

Random-Access Memory or RAM, is an essential part of any modern device. This includes computers, mobile devices, laptops, and many others. It is a part of the hardware that makes computations where the software is temporarily kept during use before arriving at the processor. The RAM is the short-term memory of any device where it deals with faster reading and writing data compared to other storages.

RAM does the tasks that you command the computer to do. Doing multiple tasks at the same time can slow down its performance. Upgrading your RAM will surely speed up your computer. Performing numerous functions like video and image editing, gaming, web browsing, and others will just be another easy task.

What is the purpose of RAM?

Since RAM cannot permanently store data, it is usually called short-term memory. The operations are immediately done since it can only store a limited number of data at a specific time. If the number of operations in the RAM is already full, it will depend on the hard disk to store old data and give new data to the RAM.

If your RAM can contain a higher number of gigabytes, then it can help in performing multiple tasks at the same time. Some operating systems also require a minimum RAM for them to function on a particular device. The device's RAM must have more than the minimum since it also needs to run other programs aside from the operating system.

Will a RAM upgrade improve the performance?

RAM does most of the immediate work of any device. This means that if the RAM is small, it can slow down the performance of your computer. Devices like high-end computers need a higher RAM since it is an essential part of the device's performance. If you are willing to improve the overall performance of your computer, then consider upgrading your central processing unit (CPU) or its graphics card. This will undoubtedly impact the overall performance of your device. Although RAM is not the only part that determines a device's overall performance, it plays a huge role.

In considering what to buy with your RAM, the memory speed and the memory capacity that should be taken into account. Memory speed is the total time needed to operate a task from the processor and then reading or writing the data. Memory speed is measured in megahertz (MHz). With faster memory speed, the transfer of information to the other parts of the device is much faster.

Gigabytes are the measure of a RAM's memory capacity. The higher the number of gigabytes a RAM has, the more operations it can do at the same time. About 4 to 6 GB is the average memory capacity needed for faster usual tasks like web browsing, emailing, and others. 8.0GB or more memory capacity is used by heavy gamers and multimedia professionals.

8.0GB Memory Upgrade

The full product name is OWC Memory Upgrade Kit 80GB 2666 MHz DDR4 SO-DIMM PC4-21300. It boasts the following specs:

Product specs:

  • DDR4 SO-DIMM PC4-21300
  • 8.0GB Memory (8192 MB)
  • Approved by Restriction of Hazardous Substances
  • 260 pin count
  • Operation temperature from 0 to 85C
  • DDR4-2666 data rate
  • Speed of PC4-21300
  • CL of 19
  • Runs at 1.2V
  • Has Low Noise 8-Layer PCB
  • Meets the qualifications of Apple and Intel
  • The kit comes with free installation videos and instruction manuals
  • It has the Limited OWC Memory Lifetime Warranty, including the OWC Lifetime Advanced Replacement Program. You can save money by trading in the original memory chips.
  • It has 30-day money-back guarantee

Save $70 off 8.0GB memory upgrade for $29.99 with OWC promo

With all of these specs, the 8.0GB OWC Memory Upgrade also supports the upgrade of the 2019 Apple iMac. The 8.0GB upgrade is also applicable to the 2018 iMac Mini increasing their RAM by 8.0GB. The affordability of 8.0GB OWC memory upgrade is incomparable to other memory chips. This product also secures the customer's safety where a lifetime warranty is present. What are you waiting for? Buy and try the most affordable and efficient memory chip now!

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