Huge discounts plunge EVGA's biggest liquid CPU coolers below $100

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Summer is a great time to kick back in the sun, but it’s also a harder time to keep your PC cool. A fantastic solution for this problem? Upgrade to an all-in-one liquid CPU cooler. Right now, EVGA’s online store has a sale on its RGB-loaded AIOs. The EVGA CLC 280 is $90 after a $20 mail-in rebate—this CLC usually sells for about $110. The colossal EVGA CLC 360, meanwhile, is $100 after a $30 rebate, far below its $160 MSRP.

An AIO liquid cooler is an effective way to keep your CPU temperatures low, and the chilly temperatures can also help bump up your overclock, if you’re so inclined. EVGA’s been in the AIO game for about three years, and we really like them. We haven’t officially reviewed these coolers, but we use them ourselves. The smaller 240mm model keeps the processor in our dedicated graphics card testing rig nice and frosty, helping to eliminate a potential bottleneck.

To use either of the CLCs on sale today, you’ll need to make sure your PC case has enough room to accommodate them. The EVGA CLC 280 is a tight fit in smaller mid-tower cases like the NZXT H510. The cooler packs a pair of 140mm fans atop its radiator, hence the “280” designation.

The EVGA CLC 360, meanwhile, sports a trio of 120mm fans, requiring a case with a little more headroom. It is very important to match the dimensions of your case to see if it can take it. If you’re not sure, and don’t have your case’s instruction manual on hand for verification, then a site like PCPartPicker can help you figure it out. 

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