This 4-pack of LED lanterns is just $20.39

Useful for camping, emergency lighting, and even working on your car, these Etekcity LED lanterns are close to their all-time low price on Amazon.

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Who knows, maybe I’m getting old, but I’m growing increasingly obsessive about portable lighting: big flashlights, small flashlights, handheld lanterns—can we ever really have enough? So here’s a deal that piqued my personal interest: Amazon is having a sale on a 4-pack of Etekcity LED Lanterns for $20.39. This is close to this set’s all-time-low price of $18.

Let’s talk features. Each lantern provides 360 degrees of lighting, and you can adjust brightness simply by sliding the lighting shaft up and down. Fully collapsed, the lightweight lanterns are small enough to stuff into small compartments, and they’re safe to operate in the rain. These lanterns run off three AA batteries—USB charging would be better—but at least your first set of batteries is included, and when the lantern senses low battery power it wll dim itself to lengthen its run time.

Maybe put one in your car trunk, and another in the garage? Then give two to your kids so they can pretend to go camping in a pillow fort. Amazon reviews give these lanterns 4.8 stars across 8,332 customer ratings.

[ Today’s deal: 4-pack of Etekcity LED Lanterns for $20.39. ]

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