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Keep yourself safe with these comfortable KN95 masks

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With the world still wrestling with how to deal with the outbreak of the coronavirus, government officials and healthcare workers have made it clear that we need to be vigilant about washing our hands, keeping a safe distance from others, and covering our face in public.

But while hand-washing and social distancing are relatively easy, covering one’s face remains strangely difficult—due to the fact that there’s a continuous shortage of quality masks that actually provide the amount of protection that people require.

These 3D Comfort Reusable KN95 Masks with 90% Filtration offer unparalleled protection against airborne germs and pathogens while also offering a surprising about of comfort and breathability, and right now a 5-pack is available for 25% off at just $19.99.

Featuring hospital-grade KN95 protection standards and comfortable fabric that you’ll be able to wear for hours on end, these reusable masks provide 90% filtration for daily use.

Regardless of whether you leave the house once a week to grab groceries or your job requires you to venture outdoors on a regular basis, these masks will help keep you and those around you safe and germ-free, thanks to a 3D design that filters out pollution, gases, bacteria, viruses, and even most odors.

These masks also come with convenient ear straps for a tight fit, and they’re easy to clean and reuse so you won’t have to worry about restocking any time soon.

Keep yourself safe during these strange and uncertain times by picking up a 5-pack of these 3D Comfort Reusable KN95 Masks for just $19.99—25% off their usual price for a limited time.

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