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Limit your exposure to germs with this no-contact infrared thermometer

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We’re living in strange times. As we continue to navigate the disorienting effects of the coronavirus outbreak, we’re all doing our best to keep ourselves safe and free from a virus that shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Of course one of the best ways to ensure that you don’t act as a vector for the coronavirus is to monitor your temperature and the temperatures of your loved ones in order to tell whether someone in your family may be harboring the virus.

This Infrared Non-Contact Digital Thermometer with 1-Sec Temperature Read will help you take far more accurate temperatures while avoiding close contact with those around you, and it’s currently available for over 45% off at just $79.99.

Unlike traditional thermometers that require you to get dangerously close to the person who’s temperature you’re taking, this infrared thermometer allows you to keep your distance—thanks to a no-contact design that uses advanced infrared technology in order to accurately detect temperature from inches away.

Simply hold the thermometer up to someone’s forehead, press the button, and watch for their temperature to appear on the HD LCD display within one second. You’ll even be able to quickly measure the temperatures of objects like a cup of liquid or any other ambient temperatures in your home—making this thermometer equally helpful for a variety of cooking applications.

Keep yourself and your family safe while keeping your distance with an Infrared Non-Contact Digital Thermometer with 1-Sec Temperature Read for just $79.99—over 45% off its usual price today.

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