This smart car battery charger is only $22.19 on Amazon

Packed with features, this Gooloo smart battery charger can keep your car, boat or whatever fully charged, even if you don't start it for months. Use the code "JKLVNEU4" at checkout.

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I own a trickle charger, but, whoah, it doesn’t come with all the features offered by the Gooloo Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer, currently on sale at Amazon for $22.19 when you apply the code JKLVNEU4 at checkout.

A more barebones charger/trickle charger would just include a red LED indicating your battery needs charging, and a green LED indicating the device is sending a trickle charge to keep the battery maintained while your vehicle hibernates in the garage. But this Gooloo charger includes a helpful display that reports the voltage of your charge, and the current status of the charging cycle. This charger also promises repair functions for “slightly damaged” batteries that have sat uncharged for a bit too long. The unit works with 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries only.

Amazon customers give this Gooloo charger a solid 4.4 star rating. Bottom line: This charger has a rare combination of features at a great price. Just don’t forget the coupon code at checkout!

[ Today’s deal: Gooloo Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer for $22.19 with Amazon coupon code JKLVNEU4. ]

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