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Keep your phone clean with this portable UV sanitizer

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A study conducted by scientists at the University of Arizona revealed that cellphones harbor 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats.

While this may come as a shock to some, the discovery truly shouldn't be that surprising. After all, the average American touches their phone 47 times per day, which gives microorganisms ample opportunity to hitch a ride on your mobile device.

Regardless, your phone doesn’t have to be the germ factory that it currently is. This portable UV sanitizer can keep your phone clean, and it's on sale for only $37.95 today.

The cellphone UV sanitizer makes cleaning your phone ― and keeping it clean ― easy. You just insert it into the sanitizer, turn it on, and the device uses UV rays to safely eliminate 99.9 percent of the harmful germs that have taken up residence. And, it works fast, too, as the entire cleaning process takes just 15 minutes to complete.

Sure, you could use alcohol wipes instead. But those wipes can have difficulty reaching into every crevice that may be present on your phone or its case. The UV sanitizer does these things with ease. And it’s portable too, so you can take it with you to make sure your device stays clean wherever you go.

Keeping your phone clean won't have to break the bank. The Cellphone UV Sanitizer is on sale for only $37.95 today, nearly 25% off its usual price.

Cell Phone UV Sanitizer - $37.95

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