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5 smart products to help you with spring cleaning

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It’s safe to say that nobody actually enjoys spring cleaning, regardless of whether you happen to live in a giant mansion that requires a massive reorganization or a tiny studio apartment that simply requires a light sweeping. So why not make your life infinitely easier with these best-selling Elicto cleaning products that will expedite and streamline the dreaded cleaning process this season?

1. Elicto ES-530 Electronic Cordless Spin Mop & Polisher

MSRP: $160 | Sale Price: $149 (8% off)

This 3-in-1 spinning floor cleaner will help you get your house spotlessly clean in minutes, thanks to a powerful design that combines mopping, polishing, and scrubbing features in a single unit. You’ll be able to reach those difficult spots thanks to a slim and wireless design, and it’s easy to swap out the mop heads for cleaning.

2. Elicto Super Sweeper SS-130

MSRP: $30 | Sale Price: $25 (17% off)

This pro-grade carpet cleaner boasts an innovative 6-blade design that will leave your rugs spotless. The 1st and 2nd blades roll dust and debris into a ball using friction from the floor, while the rest of the blades remove dust and debris and polish the newly-cleaned surface.

3. Elicto ES-100 Waterproof Telescopic Power Scrubber

MSRP: $125 | Sale Price: $119 (5% off)

Cut through even the toughest grime with this electric scrubber tool that features five rotating heads and a telescopic design. You’ll be able to use it in every room of the house thanks to a cordless design, and it’s just as effective outdoors as it is indoors.

4. Elicto ES-500 Electric Corded Spin Mop & Polisher

MSRP: $125 | Sale Price: $119 (5% off)

Featuring enhanced mobility and dual-spin technology, this specialized mop makes it easier than ever to clean hard floors. It comes loaded with a powerful 250RPM motor that’s used to eliminate every conceivable type of stain, and a 25-foot cord along with a 180-degree swivel joint allows for added mobility.

5. Elicto Everybot RS500 Robotic Spin Mop & Polisher

MSRP: $285 | Sale Price: $280 (3% off)

Eliminate dust and leave any surface sparkling clean with this compact cleaning robot that does all the work for you. It sports a 5,700RPM motor, a unique design that can make its way into those hard-to-reach corners, and two water tanks that can keep it running for days on end.

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