Humble's $15 Stardock Bundle fills your PC with excellent software worth paying for

Stardock's Groupy, Fences, Start10, and Multiplicity 3 are all a part of the latest Stardock Humble Bundle.

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If you're looking to squeeze more out of Windows 10, boost your productivity, or just have a better all-around desktop experience, head over to Humble right now. The Humble Stardock 2020 bundle comes loaded with Stardock's flat-out awesome Windows software, and with the top tier currently at $15 there hasn’t been a better time to get programs like Fences, Groupy, and Start10. The company's known for putting out programs so useful, it's almost shocking their functionality isn't already part of Windows. 

Starting at the $1 tier, you can get Stardock’s Icon Packager, Cursor FX, and WindowsBlinds. These programs provide deep customization options for your icons and cursor, as well as the Start menu, taskbar, window frames, and control buttons.

Paying more than the average for this pay-what-you-want bundle—currently at $10.30—starts getting into the really good stuff. This tier adds SpaceMonger to help manage network storage, Start10 for a classic Start menu, WindowFX for enhancing desktop windows, and DeskScapes for applying special effects to desktop backgrounds. 

Finally, we get to the top tier of paying $15 or more. This final levels adds the fabulous Fences for better organization of your desktop shortcuts and files. Multiplicity 3 controls two PCs with a single mouse and keyboard—a big productivity saver in this time of working from home.

We’re not done yet. There’s also TouchTasks, which lets you launch apps and system controls on a touch display via hotspots. Finally, there’s Groupy, a tool we love that add multiple programs to a single window and switch between them like browser tabs. One window can house File Explorer, Excel spreadsheets, and your email, for instance, while Discord and Steam lurk in another. It's great.

We’re fans of Stardock’s software, and to get all of these programs for $15 is a ridiculous deal. That $15 is just a suggestion, mind you. Humble encourages you to pay as much as you like since part of what you pay for this bundle goes to charity.

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