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5 best smart speakers on a budget in 2020

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5 best smart speakers on a budget in 2020

In 2020, you can find smart speakers almost anywhere. Just go to your favorite electronics store, and they will most likely carry several different smart speakers. Today, it is not enough for a speaker to be able to clearly play music. Most people expect their speakers to play music at the sound of a voice command, to answer any questions that they may have, and to control other smart devices throughout their home. Digital assistants have almost become synonymous with today’s speakers. If you want to learn more about smart assistants, check out our article on how to make Alexa and Google Assistant let you know when they start and stop listening. Luckily, most brands have released great budget-friendly smart speakers, allowing most people to have access to a digital assistant without spending a lot of money. Here are 5 best smart speakers to choose from if you are on a budget in 2020:

Harman/Kardon Allure Smart Speaker from Dell

This smart speaker has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which allows you to enjoy up to 10 hours of playtime before your next charge. You can easily stream your music from your smartphone through its Bluetooth. It is relatively lightweight, weighing only 5.51 pounds. Similar to others in the market, this smart speaker is powered by Amazon Alexa, which you can think of as your intelligent assistant. You can use Alexa to stream your favorite music, to get answers to some of your questions, to help you place an order, and much more. This smart speaker has a built-in 2-microphone array plus noise-canceling technology, so you can communicate with Alexa with ease.

Do you want to get your hands on Harman/Kardon Allure Smart Speaker? Get yours today for as low as $199.95 at Dell. For additional savings, bookmark this Dell coupons page for fast access to the latest deals and codes.

Sonos One

This smart speaker from Sonos is powerful and small. This speaker will fill your room with rich and smooth sounds without taking up a lot of space. Its compact design allows it to fit into most bookshelves, side tables, kitchen countertops, and more. If you would like a stereo sound in your home theater or living room, you can connect wirelessly and pair two Sonos Ones together. This enables you to build a system that will give you a more detailed and richer sound in any room of your choice. On top of that, Sonos One is humidity-resistant, which means that you can listen to your favorite music in the bathroom too. You can also set up a sleep timer with your Sonos One to play music for a specific number of minutes to help you fall asleep.

This speaker has many features that you need in a smart speaker, including built-in voice control. Do many tasks hands-free with the help of Amazon Alexa. With just the sound of your voice, you can choose and play your favorite playlist, check the latest news, listen to your favorite audiobooks, set daily alarms, get answers to your questions, and more. Get your Sonos One for as low as $199. For a limited-time, you can save $19 for a 2-room set with Sonos One.

Savings tips: Another great way to save is to purchase a certified refurbished Sonos One. You can get a refurbished Sonos One (Generation 1) for $159. Remember to also bookmark this page to get the latest Sonos promo codes and offers.

Bose Home Speaker 300

The Bose Home Speaker 300 has a great bass that can rock any room. It has built-in voice assistants, including Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.Through these assistants, you can gain fast access to news, weather reports, and more. Enjoy its custom-designed six-microphone array, allowing it to easily pick up your voice and thus make communication with Alexa or Google Assistant much smoother. On top of that, it has a 360-degree driver, giving you a superior 360-degree sound. This way, you can get the best possible acoustic regardless of where you place the speaker in a room. This smart speaker is compatible with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Apple Airplay 2, so you can stream with ease at any time and anywhere. This speaker originally retails at $259.95. Now, you can save $60 and get your own Bose Home Speaker 300 for only $199.95 at

If you have a bigger budget, you can also try the Bose Home Speaker 500. The original retail price was $399.95, but you can enjoy a $100 off discount on the Bose Home Speaker 500. Its current price at is only $299.95. Act fast because this promotion is available through PCWorld until March 31, 2020. For more information on this smart speaker, check out one of our extensive reviews here. Make sure to bookmark this page to get the newest Bose coupons and deals.

JBL LINK 300 from Crutchfield

This speaker has a maximum power of 50 watts and features high-definition music streaming with built-in Google Chromecast. Chromecast is a platform that allows you to play music directly from the cloud. You can enjoy your favorite songs and any high-resolution audio up to 24-bit/96kHz. Use this speaker to also stream music from your favorite apps like TIDAL, Pandora, Spotify, Google Play Music, and more. Furthermore, this smart speaker is compatible with Roon, so music lovers can enjoy this popular subscription-based digital music player and easily access digital music collections from your NAS drive or your iTunes library through Roon. Roon will also suggest other songs or musicians based on your selections, so you can discover new similar artists and music. Download Roon right onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

So how much does this smart speaker cost? The original retail price was $199.95. Now, you can get your JBL LINK 300 from Crutchfield for $50 off and pay only $149.95. Don’t forget to bookmark this page to get the newest Crutchfield coupons and discounts.

Amazon Echo Dot Speaker 3rd Generation from BJ’s Wholesale Club

The Amazon Echo Dot Speaker is one of the most popular smart speakers on the market. It is equipped with Amazon Alexa, so you can easily play your music, get answers to your questions, check your local weather, listen to the news on the spot, and more. Download the Alexa App to your Amazon Fire OS, Android, or iOS device. With this speaker, you can stream music from Amazon Music, Sirius XM, and other apps. You can also call and message people using this smart speaker. It even lets you turn on lights, adjust your house’s thermostat, lock doors, and more. The Amazon Echo Dot easily connects with other select devices, allowing you to use your voice to do many cool things around the house hands-free. You can even make an announcement to every room in your house with the help of a compatible Echo device.

Get the Amazon Echo Dot Speaker for only $49.99 at BJ’s Wholesale Club plus enjoy free shipping. As an added bonus, you can purchase BJ’s Protection Plus, which protects your device for 3 years for only $2.99. Add this page to your bookmarks to get verified BJ’s coupons and promotions.

Cheap smart speakers

With many smart speakers available in the market, you can listen to your favorite songs and playlists through different music apps and also set up the right vibe to go with the music by adjusting the lights in the room through a single device. You do not need to spend a lot of money to own a great-quality smart speaker for your home. Check out top smart speakers that have great voice command services and strong sound quality by brands like Harman, Sonos, JBL, Amazon Echo, and Bose.

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