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Sonos Sound Systems for Your Home

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Sonos Sound Systems for Your Home

Sonos has years of experience in the smart speaker industry and prides itself on producing crystal-clear sound with all of their speakers. Sonos creates a wide range of speakers, soundbars, subs, home theatre systems, portable speakers, and more to enrich your sound experience.

Which Speakers Can You Purchase from Sonos?

Purchase speakers for your entertainment room, patio, or multiple rooms, as well as portable speakers for great sound on the move. Here are some details on the various speakers available.


The One smart speaker offers powerful sound with built-in voice control. This compact design looks great in any room and fills it with high-quality sound. Save $19 on theSonos One Two-Room Set for a limited time only.


Experience vibrant and pure sound with the most powerful speaker from Sonos. You can buy therefurbished Play:5 for only $399 by following our link on PCWorld.


Enjoy deep bass with this wireless subwoofer.


Take your music with you with the durable and battery-powered Move smart speaker. This speaker is perfect for indoor and outdoor listening.


The Beam is a compact soundbar for TV and music. Hear every word clearly with the Beam.


Enjoy cinematic sound with this mountable soundbar for music, movies, and TV.

How to Connect to Sonos Speakers?

Sonos makes it easy to build your own sound system in your home and add more speakers at any time. The smart speakers from Sonos connect through Wi-Fi, so you can create your sound system exactly how you want it. Change or expand your system without hassle. Use the Sonos App, Apple AirPlay, or even just your voice to control your sound system. Play what you want, where you want with clear and powerful sound that fills the room.

Which Speaker Sets Will Improve Your Sound at Home?

Buy speaker sets and enjoy amazing sound, regardless of which room you are in.

Two-Room Set

  • This set can be used in any two rooms in your home, including the kitchen and bathroom.
  • It pairs two One speakers.

Indoor-Outdoor Set

  • This can be used in any room inside your home, as well as outdoors on your patio or in your garden.
  • It pairs the Move with the One.

Two-Room Pro Set

  • This set can be used in any two rooms.
  • It pairs two Play:5 speakers.

3.1 Entertainment Set

  • This set is perfect for your entertainment room.
  • It pairs the Beam and the Sub speakers.

In-Ceiling Set

  • This set is great for enjoying great sound from speakers that are not visible.
  • It includes two in-ceiling speakers and an amp.

In-Wall Set

  • Enjoy a pair of in-wall speakers with an amp.

Outdoor Set

  • For those who love to entertain outdoors, this set is perfect for you.
  • This set includes a pair of outdoor speakers and an Amp.

5.1 Surround Set

  • Immerse yourself in mind-blowing entertainment with this 5.1 Surround Set that includes the Beam, Sub, and two One SL speakers. Visit PCWorld's coupon section to save $126 on the5.1 Surround Set - for a limited time only.

Entertain yourself and your guests like never before with the latest Sonos sound systems. Feel like you are at the movie theater with high-quality sound when watching all your movies. Make sure to visit PCWorld to get the latest Sonos promo codes and enjoy amazing sound for less.

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