Mimic the sunrise with Fitfort's wake-up light alarm clock for only $32.29

Ditch that noisy alarm. The Fitfort wake-up light alarm clock progressively brightens your room to make waking much more tolerable. And now it's $32.29, its all-time low price on Amazon.

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Waking up to an annoying, blaring alarm is enough to start any day off on a sour note, but it doesn’t have to be quite so terrible. A wake-up light can help ease you into the mornings, and today you can grab a Fitfort wake-up light on Amazon for $32.29, back to its lowest price and a solid discount from a $50 list price.

This alarm clock mimics the effect of the sun rising, so your mornings can start with your room slowly getting brighter. With 20 different brightness levels and seven different colors, you can customize the light to your preferences for the smoothest wake-up possible. In addition, a built-in FM radio can allow you to wake up to your favorite radio station, while a selection of natural sounds and volumes allow you plenty of other, non-alarm wake-up options. You can also set two different alarms, so if you want something different on weekends than weekdays, you can set that up.

This light alarm clock averages 4.6 stars out of 5 across more than 1,000 user reviews on Amazon.

[ Today’s deal: Fitfort wake-up light on Amazon for $32.29. ]

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