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Dell’s best-selling laptops in 2019

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Dell's best-selling laptops in 2019

2019 was a successful year for Dell as a leading laptop and desktop PC manufacturer. Several new models were released on the market which included the new XPS 13 laptop, the Inspiron Black Edition, as well as the gaming Alienware Area-51m laptop. Many of us read through numerous reviews before buying a new laptop or PC, which can be a long and dreadful process. Below, we've pointed out the biggest highlights of these three top Dell laptops from 2019. If you are tempted to buy a Dell product, we might be able to help you save at checkout with these verified Dell coupons and codes.

The all new XPS 13

Since some laptops can be chunky with their 15" and 17" screens, the Dell XPS 13 9380 laptop is just the perfect size for those of you who tend to take their laptop on their commute or vacation. XPS 13 has been around for a while, but in 2019 Dell announced the all-improved model which comes with several perks. The new XPS 13 quickly hit the shelves in August last year. Our favorite asset with this laptop is the ability to open it with just one hand. Its hinges keep the laptop sternly in place while you lift the lid. This is another 2-in-1 XPS laptop from Dell with a super-slim touch screen design and an up to 4K display. There is also a very tiny, yet powerful HD camera just above the screen - an issue fixed in this model vs the previous XPS 13 laptop, where the camera was just below the screen. This XPS laptop comes with basic configurations starting at $799.99.

Inspiron Black Edition

One of Dell's legendary budget laptops - the new Inspiron Black Edition was also released last year - starting at just $629. This is another 2-in-1 laptop from Dell which has an built-in camera with face-recognition - quite a rare extra, especially for budget laptops. If you are a laptop pen-user, this model will catch your eye as it was designed to hold a full-sized touch screen pen at the top of the keyboard. Now that's a handy feature! You will also find a power button that has a fingerprint recognition feature. The slim design of the new Inspiron laptop could easily compete with Lenovo's Yoga C930 or HP's Spectre Folio models - both recognize to have a similar hinge-pen feature. Although currently the Inspiron Black Edition is available as a 15" laptop, Dell announced that a smaller 13" model will be released in the near future.

Alienware Area-51m

If you're a gamer, surely you have heard of Dell's Alienware laptop series and have anticipated the release of the newest model for 2019. The 17" Alienware Area-51m made its grand appearance in January 2019, starting at $2,000. According to the manufacturer, this mighty laptop is currently the most powerful gaming laptop out there. Those who have purchased Alienware computers before are aware that these computers come as desktop PCs, yet the Alienware Area-51m is an actual laptop. It has been designed to handle eight-core processors, as much as 64GB of RAM, and 2.5Gbit of Ethernet. Sounds great, doesn't it? While it has some heavy duty desktop parts, Alienware Area-51m's design is quite slick and trendy. Among its characteristics that we found impressive, is its single, dual & even triple storage options - up to 3TB! If you can't resist getting a new Dell gaming laptop, be sure to check out PCWorld's frequently updated promo codes with discounts valid on a range of Dell products.

With Dell constantly striving to improve and enhance their existing models, their best-selling laptops and desktop PCs can be found at attractive prices. On top of that, with PCWorld coupons you can find unbeatable discounts on the XPS, Inspiron, and Alienware models. Whether you're a gamer, a professional, or even a student, you will find the right laptop model for your budget at Dell.

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