Cyber Monday 2019: The best tech deals at Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Newegg, and more

While Cyber Monday does have less selection than Black Friday, you can still grab bargains on electronic gear.

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Top Deals On Great Products

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Cyber Monday may have started as the online counterpart of Black Friday, but in recent years, it's become a continuation of the discount bonanza. And 2019 is no different.

The bleed between the two shopping periods has only increased, bringing with it the happy circumstance of true Black Friday deals that last longer. You still won't find nearly as many items on sale during Cyber Monday, but now the best discounts generally match the weekend's prices while mixing in a handful of solid new bargains. So if you missed a deal or were still waiting on a price cut for your wishlist items, you might still luck out.

Note: These prices are the best we’ve seen based on the information available to us. However, stores often price-match one another and sometimes even start undercutting each other, so if a deal you like is at a physical store you can’t get to easily, it’s worth checking other stores to see if they have price-matched. (Or actually do have a price-matching policy.)

The best Cyber Monday 2019 tech deals

Our list of deals is organized by store, so you can easily see what’s available to you if you have a preferred place to shop. In each section, we’ve cherry-picked the best bargains for that retailer—so while the price meets our criteria for a very good price (near, at, or below the historical all-time low), the competition may undercut it by a few dollars.

Still, everything we've picked are items that we've rated highly or that have tremendous popularity and are near or below the historical all-time low price. So you can rest assured that we've done your research for you and you're getting a good price.

Keep an eye on this page, as it'll get updates throughout Monday! Deals new for Cyber Monday are noted as "(CM deal)."

Updated 12/2/19 3:29pm: Added a Creative Sound Blaster card deal. Previous updates were more chromebook, laptop, and monitor deals in our Amazon story (link below), as well as a Nintendo Switch Bundle deal at Walmart. Also, a reminder that Hulu's $2/mo for 1 year deal expires today. 

Best Apple Cyber Monday deals

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Hot deals exist for iPads and Apple Watches this Cyber Monday.

Check out the best deals on Apple products in the Macworld staff's comprehensive breakdown. A select few are extra hot, with some are already selling out.

(Spoiler: None of the top sales are through Apple's stores.)

Best Amazon Cyber Monday deals

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Amazon ruthlessly marches on with price cuts on all of its products, including Ring devices.

Have a look at our breakout of the for all the top discounts! The overwhelming majority are Black Friday sale items carried over, with some new deals mixed in (and some price cuts, like on the ultra-popular Razer DeathAdder Elite.)

Best Cyber Monday deals at Best Buy

best buy logo Best Buy / IDG

Best Buy's unique deals for Cyber Monday include a price cut on uber-favorite Razer DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse and a nice cut on the Intel Core i5-9400.


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