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Managing your finances is hard. Truebill is here to help


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If you’re financially savvy, you should be aware of exactly how much of your monthly budget is being utilized, but with dozens of online subscriptions, it’s easy to lose track of what you’re paying for. Your gym membership or Netflix account will keep charging you monthly, even if you haven’t touched them, which ultimately ends up in hundreds of dollars down the drain each year. 

Managing your finances can be tough, especially if you need to keep track of multiple accounts. Luckily, Truebill will help you lower your monthly payments, and you can download it today for free. 

Truebill is an app that gives you a snapshot of your financial life. All you need to do is connect your accounts; Truebill’s dashboard will show you where your money is being spent at a glance as well as provide smart alerts and notifications for upcoming bills. You might even find bills for subscriptions that you no longer use, which you can easily cancel through Truebill. 

There are more ways to hold on to your money than just canceling unused subscriptions. Truebill makes it easy to manage your budget by categorizing your expenses and setting aside money for savings. 

A lot of these features are pretty standard, so what sets Truebill apart from other money-saving apps? One of Truebill’s unique features allows you to negotiate lower prices on recurring bills automatically. For example, if Truebill detects that you’re spending too much on your cell phone bill, it’ll negotiate the price to the lowest rate possible, saving hundreds each year. Additionally, Truebill will help you receive outage refunds, so if your cable stops working, you won’t have to pay for services that you can’t even use. 

Truebill makes it easy to track your monthly budget and lower unnecessary payments. Download Truebill for free today and learn about how you can save money here. 

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