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Soothe yourself to sleep with this $20 DOZZI natural white noise machine

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Silence is deafening. There are countless sounds that can distract you from getting work done or falling asleep, but for some reason, pure silence can be far more distracting than the honk of a horn or the sound of children playing outside. Sometimes, all we need is a little white noise to get us in the perfect state of mind, and this $19.99 white noise machine by DOZZI is all you need to drown out your distractions.

The DOZZI Natural White Noise Machine is a tiny device that you can place by your bedside or desk to produce a soothing, natural fan noise. Its fan can be adjusted between low, medium, or high with a simple twist and the click of a button, so you can tailor the natural noise to suit your needs. The DOZZI’s exterior features a lighting ring that can emit bright light, soft light, or a color loop to act as a night light when you’re falling asleep or fill your office with color as you work. Finally, you can set a 60 or 120 minute auto-timer to shut the DOZZI off so that you don’t waste power when you’re asleep.

If you need an escape from daily distractions or deafening silence, the DOZZI Natural White Noise Machine will deliver the perfect white noise for just $19.99, or 60% off.

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DOZZI Natural White Noise Machine - $19.99

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