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BioLite's HeadLamp Puts the Focus on Comfort


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Until a couple years ago, if you owned a headlamp you could expect it to include a proprietary charger and a (heavy) proprietary battery pack, or just as bad, to take disposable batteries… basically you were better off just bumping into things in the dark. Headlamps have come a long way, and BioLite just took them further.

BioLite has been making the most exciting products in outdoor tech for years, to say nothing of their dedication to positive social impact. At the risk of generalizing, their lineup has historically been geared strongly toward the enthusiast crowd, but I’d recommend their recent releases, including their SunLight, amazing FirePit, and now their HeadLamp, to basically everyone.

The BioLite HeadLamp is USB-rechargeable and has a 40-hour battery life on the lowest setting. The HeadLamp has spot and flood panels that can be used one-at-a-time or together, includes red night vision and strobe modes, and can be ramped up to 330 Lm on the brightest setting. The light even tilts downward in spite of how low profile the whole thing is.

Most importantly though, the BioLite HeadLamp is comfortable. The light sits flush with your forehead, the whole thing weighs in at 69 grams, and the fabric is moisture-wicking.

Whether you’re a backpacker, an auto mechanic, or just someone who regularly needs to fix three of the eight drawers that have broken in their IKEA dresser, you’ll find myriad uses for BioLite’s HeadLamp, and if it weren’t for the light, you’d forget you were wearing it.

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