This PowerBlock adjustable dumbbell set is now just $240

If you're looking to build out a space-saving home gym, you need adjustable dumbbells, and now one of the best sets in the business is super-affordable.

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Dumbbell exercises are critical to a strength training regimen, but if you’re working out at home, owning sundry sizes of weights is a recipe for clutter. The answer is an adjustable dumbbell set, and now the time-tested PowerBlock Personal Trainer Adjustable Dumbbell Set is just $240 on Woot. The same set currently costs $322 on Amazon, though it has sporadically dropped to $240 and below over the course of the year.

I use the PowerBlock dumbbells at my commercial gym, and they’re perfect for most dumbbell exercises. It’s easy to change weights with the selector pin, they have comfortable grips, and their blocky shape makes them perfect for renegade rows. They are a wee bit odd-feeling for bicep curls, but don't affect exercise form in any material way. This set adjusts from 2.5 lbs to 50 lbs in 2.5 lb increments, so they’re extremely versatile—unless you need to start doing exercises past 50 lbs.

[ Today’s deal: The  PowerBlock Personal Trainer Adjustable Dumbbell Set for $240 on Woot. ]

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