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Build a minimalist desktop setup for $80 with a Wireless Magic Mouse & Keyboard

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Apple’s entire product lineup is well known for its minimalist designs. Everything from their snappy MacOS to their understated iPhones are designed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. That’s why you’ll find Apple’s Wireless Magic Mouse and Keyboard on nearly every minimalist desktop setup, and they can be added to your own setup at a steep discount!

The Apple Wireless Magic Mouse and Keyboard are a minimalist’s dream. The Magic Mouse is small and sleek, yet boasts revolutionary multi-touch gestures for scrolling and swiping through MacOS. The keyboard features sensitive reactive keys that allow you to type much faster than a standard keyboard. Best of all, both of them will automatically sync to your Mac via Bluetooth, so you don’t have to worry about unsightly wires ruining your perfect aesthetics. 

You need an understated keyboard, a sleek mouse, and no wires for the perfect minimalist setup. You can get all these features with the Apple Wireless Magic Mouse + Keyboard Set for just $79.99. If you already have one or the other, you can grab the Magic Mouse for $42.99 and the Wireless Keyboard for $49.99.

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Apple Wireless Magic Mouse + Keyboard Set (Certified Refurbished) - $79.99

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