This Star Wars stormtrooper robot is now just $89.35 on Amazon

The Star Wars First Order stormtrooper robot responds to voice-control commands, recognizes up to three faces, and includes in-app augmented reality.

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What’s cooler than a robot? A Star Wars robot. And today, you can get a Star Wars First Order stormtrooper robot on Amazon for $89.35, the cheapest price it’s ever been.

This robot connects to a mobile app via Wi-Fi. From there, you can use the app to control your stormtrooper in all kinds of ways. Voice control allows you to verbally direct the robot, while facial recognition of up to three faces can help your robot interact with you personally with customized interaction features. In addition, in-app augmented reality will help you get into the action too, showing you how and where to have the stormtrooper engage in battle. You can also designate a specific area in your home to be patrolled by the robot’s sentry mode.

This robot’s Amazon reviews somewhat middling at 3.5 stars, but at this low price, it might be worth checking out this stormtrooper with plenty of time to get pumped for the next movie.

[ Today’s deal: Star Wars First Order stormtrooper robot on Amazon for $89.35. ]

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