The 1TB Samsung QVO, our favorite budget SSD, is the cheapest it's ever been today

The Samsung QVO is our favorite budget SSD, and today you can get the 1TB version for under $100.


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If you haven't upgraded your aging laptop or desktop to an SSD yet, or if you've been waiting to supplement your tiny SSD boot drive with something more spacious, today is the day to do so. Amazon's selling the excellent 1TB Samsung 860 QVO for $98 right now. This is the all-time low price for this drive, and a nice drop from the $105 to $114 it usually sells for.

The Samsung 860 QVO is our favorite budget SSD, and we gave it that honor when the 1TB model was selling for $140. The QVO line is Samsung’s first consumer-grade quad-level cell (QLC) NAND drive. That means the drive can receive four bits per cell instead of three-bits with the TLC NAND that you find in many popular SSDs. The advantage of QLC is that SSD makers can cram in more storage at a lower cost.

We found in our review, however, that you do end up taking a performance hit with this drive compared to a TLC-based one such as the 860 EVO. The issue, as we said in our review, is that “writing more bits to a NAND cell takes more time.” That usually isn’t a problem, but once you deplete the drive’s cache during massive file transfers it can slow down dramatically. Still, for most people it should still be a great performer, as long as you’re not using it to transfer 50GB files all day.

[Today’s deal: 1TB Samsung QVO SSD for $98 on Amazon.]

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