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Save Hundreds on a Lifetime of Game Design Training ($69) - Deal Alert

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Creating a successful video game isn't easy, but with the right guidance, even a novice coder can create a gaming smash hit. That's where the School of Game Design comes into the picture. Designed for beginners, the School of Game Design helps you learn game development and design at your own pace, giving you access to an enormous library of step-by-step training videos that you can watch whenever you want with a lifetime membership—and plans are on sale for over 90 percent off.

With a lifetime membership to The School of Game Design, you'll get complete access to training in modeling, animation, coding, artistry, and more. You'll receive support from instructors and professionals with over 16 years of game industry experience and learn how to create your own games with unlimited access to thousands of dollars in royalty-free game art and textures.

Normally, a lifetime membership would cost you $5,990, but plans are going on sale for over 90 percent off, dropping the final price to $69.