Chrome for Android is getting some extra tools to battle poor connections

Google says it can save you up to 67 percent on your data with its compression technology and now offers the ability to cache pages and videos for offline viewing.

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The struggle for a solid internet connection is real. Google certainly doesn’t want you to lose any content when you’re offline, so it’s beefing up Chrome’s ability to help you surf faster on a slow connection and save content for later.

According to the Google Chrome Blog, the data compression mode can now save up to 67 percent when viewing MP4 format videos. The promised savings to regular browsing is up to 60 percent, though I usually see around 20 percent or so in my own usage. It’ll be worth checking up on this number to see how well Google’s promises match up.

Chrome is also getting smarter about low-coverage situations by downloading what it thinks are the most important pieces of a website when connectivity is low.

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If you’re on a slow connection, Chrome will attempt to focus on the essential details of a webpage and let you download the rest when it improves.

Google says these optimized pages will save you up to 90 percent on your data usage. To try these claims out for yourself, you’ll want to turn on Chrome’s data compression.

But if you’re bound for an airplane or somewhere else where the connection is spotty, you can save a webpage completely offline. You’ll find a download button in the settings.

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Save webpages and other content offline to check out later.

These pages and other content are now in a specialized Downloads section of Chrome.

Lastly, Chrome’s new tab page has been revamped to suggest content and show a button to sites you frequent. It’s essentially like the Google app’s stream of suggested articles that are based on your browsing history and other interests that Google knows about you.

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The new start page is definitely inspired by the Google app.

All the features are rolling out to the latest version of Chrome for Android.

The impact on you: The browser marketplace on Android is more wide open, with Opera, Firefox, and other browsers pushing their own innovations. To keep pace, Chrome’s latest features give you some solid reasons to stick with it, particularly since rural areas and some well-constructed buildings can leave you without a solid connection.

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