Watch this tinkerer get Windows 7 running on an LG G Watch

You probably don't want to use this tiny version of the desktop operating system, but the feat itself is impressive.


We really do live in the future, don’t we?

Hacking Jules, a prolific hacker with a YouTube channel devoted to installing different operating systems and classic games on random mobile devices, posted a video of an LG G Watch running Windows 7 about a week ago. 

The video is not easy to watch. For starters, the mouse tracking for Windows 7 is incredibly slow, not to mention that the entire interface is shrunken down to tiny icons on the G Watch’s 1.65-inch display. The video also cuts through the three hours it takes to boot up Windows 7.

If you’ve got the patience and you want to try the hack yourself this weekend, there’s a full tutorial available. Otherwise, just marvel at the fact that our technology’s become so powerful, that even a small smartwatch can run a full-blown desktop operating system. 

This story, "Watch this tinkerer get Windows 7 running on an LG G Watch " was originally published by Greenbot.

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