Inbox 1.18 update hints at handy shortcut to share files from Google Drive

You have more snoozing options now, which can help you better keep your inbox from overflowing with messages.

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Derek Walter

Google’s Inbox app is about to get cozier with Drive.

The version 1.18 update tucks in some hints about integration to directly share a Drive file right from Inbox without the need to pop over to the Drive app and hunt for it. According to an APK teardown by Android Police, the code indicates a new permission model that lets the file’s owner grant access to others by tapping into Drive’s sharing features.

To do this now you’d need to open the Drive app and copy the link over to your message.

One feature you can use right away, however, is some new flexibility with snoozing. You can now specify days of the week as the weekend in case you work a non-traditional schedule. 

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Inbox gives you more customization for all your snoozing needs.

Also, you’ll see Later this week as another snooze option in case you want to send the message to a time when you hope to be less busy. These features mirror what was available in Mailbox, which Dropbox recently shut down.

You can snag the latest update from the Play Store.

The impact on you: Inbox is clearly where Google is targeting a lot of its effort for how we triage email. If it’s not your cup of tea, however, Gmail still gets plenty of attention, such as the recent update to ”Gmailify” other accounts. You can always use both (I do this often) if there’s a particular feature on one that the other doesn’t have yet.

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